Here's how it works...

You as the OWNER of the URL Rotator System can enter UNLIMITED URLS into the rotation for constant traffic and promotion.

There's ALSO a MONEY-MAKING component to this system!

With Rotator Genie you can set the system to allow your customers to enter their URLS into the Rotator.

YES! YOU can sell URL spots in the Rotator - and as the OWNER of the system - keep 100% of your sales!


See how exciting this is!.
You can edit / change your own URLS anytime - and give your customers access to do the same.
URLs can be set to expire on date you specify. You get complete control as the OWNER of the Rotator. .
Your URL Rotator System includes click tracking for you - AND for your customers.

It gets even better!

We include a URL Gallery page on YOUR domain which randomly displays the active URLs. Promote the URL of your Gallery for more traffic for both you and your customers.

You also get a standard rotator page. Send traffic directly to this one URL, for random displays of ALL the URLs actively rotating in your system. All clicks are tracked for accountabilty and analysis.

PLUS, in minutes, you can easily install any of these powerful features. No tech skills required..
Google Analytics for SEO indexing advantages
Live Chat option .
Click Tracking for your included URL Gallery page.
Custom title and/or header image.
Customized footer area for more advertising display.

Rotator Genie provides you with a source of both traffic
- and income.



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